Superimposed Training Based Channel Estimation for Uplink Multiple Access Relay Networks


In this paper, the channel estimation in uplink multiple access relay networks (MARNs) with analog network coding protocol has been researched. We apply the superimposed training (ST) scheme where each relay puts a separate training sequence on the top of the received one before forwarding to destination, and design a maximum likelihood based channel estimation algorithm for the composite source-relay-destination and individual relay-destination links. The optimal training sequences as well as the superimposed training power are also derived in closed forms. To make our study more complete, the channel estimation in the time-selective fading environment is further considered, and a correlation-based channel estimation (CBCE) algorithm is developed by taking advantage of time-domain channel autocorrelation nature. Simulation results show that the presented ST scheme can effectively improve the performance of multi-user detection in MARNs, and the proposed CBCE algorithm significantly outperforms the existing channel estimation methods.


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