IMES - implantable myoElectric sensor system: Designing standardized ASICs


As a component of the RP2009 project, the IMES system has emerged as a strong candidate for extracting naturally-occurring control signals to be used for providing functional control of an upper body artificial limb. In earlier publications, we described various elements of this system as they were being researched and developed. Presently, the system has matured to a level for which it is now appropriate to consider application-specific-integrated circuits (ASIC) that are of a standardized form, and are suitable for clinical deployment of the IMES system. Here we describe one of our emerging ASIC designs that addresses the design challenges of the extracoporal transmitter controller. Although this ASIC is used in the IMES system, it may also be used for any command protocol that requires FSK modulation of a Class E converter.


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